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Out for a bit.

2009-11-23 16:50:57 by AJ

Not gonna be able to get on NG for a while, so don't be like OMFG WURS MICHELINMAN?! I'll be back. Just got work and shit to do. I'll check in every now and again, so NGSM guys can still pm me about shit if they need to. If I get to where I'm not around enough, I'll throw in a temp to do my job, but I doubt that'll be necessary. Also, I love you guys. :P

Only 15 posts til I was on the top 500 posters too! :(


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2009-11-25 12:19:19

See you later, man!


2009-12-15 00:12:32

Dont worry, no ones going to say that


2010-01-27 15:44:34

I miss you.

Also, and sad to say it, the redesign was a train wreck.

AJ responds:

I figured it would. It was pretty much the worst timing possible for shit to go downhill for me and the army thing. Oh well. The thread lives on. :P


2010-02-04 05:15:31

Hurry up getting out of the Army motherfucker. FASTER, FAAAAASTER!! (Marine Corps DI style hehe) 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 9, 8, 7,654321 zzzeeeeeerrrrooooooo!

Get on the quarterdeck!

AJ responds:

Workin on it!


2010-02-19 00:32:00

Where have you been lately?


2010-03-26 15:02:34

How many posts are needed for the top 500?