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Breaking Bad

2010-03-26 14:59:15 by AJ

Is probably the coolest TV show I've seen in a long fucking time. It's about a high school chemistry teacher who finds out he only has like 2 years left to live, so he starts cooking and selling crystal meth to set his family up for the future. It's kind of hard to get used to the fact that the main character is the dad from Malcolm in the Middle, but once you get past it, the storyline in the show is so addictive it's retarded. Here's the opening scene from the first episode. On AMC every Sunday. Comments?

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2010-03-26 15:21:44

I remember someone else recommending this.

AJ responds:

Check it out dude. It's the shit. There's torrents on thepiratebay for every season.


2010-03-26 18:44:56

I still really need to check that show out, I keep hearing good things. I heard good stuff about Repo Men too... just saw it and LOVED IT, although the ending is a real kick in the stomach. If you havent seen it yet, I recommend it.

AJ responds:

I'm really interested to see that movie. The trailer they showed on tv didn't even interest me, but when you watch the full length one on youtube it looks amazing. You're the first review I've heard about it and an all caps LOVED IT is enough to get me off my ass to go see it.


2010-03-26 18:59:07

HaHa, where were you like a week ago? 153950

AJ responds:

HAHAHAHA. Consider that thread revived.


2010-03-29 00:37:08

Negro, do you comply?