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April Fools Day Joke!

2010-03-31 07:15:10 by AJ

About 2 weeks ago, I got out of the Army, and my plan was to move in with my girlfriend in Ohio (who I'd only been dating for a week. Dumb, I know.) Well, yesterday afternoon, my naive, easy girlfriend explained to me that her ex-boyfriend talked to her Friday night, and now she wants to try and make things work with him. I thought that was interesting because the Monday night afterwards, she was trying to convince me to move with her to Indianapolis, but that is irrelevant.

I'm not really even mad at her because I know now that she's just the typical blonde dumb shit girlfriend, and that any dude with half a brain could talk her into falling for them. The only reason I was with her was that I thought she was different, (a week is plenty of time to determine that, right?) But now that she has been demoted from girlfriend caliber to girl I'd fuck randomly on the weekend and never call again, and because I'm stuck living here for another week or so until the rest of my stuff finished getting shipped here, (yeah I know. I haven't even finished moving in and I'm already moving out. Don't judge. This is the internet) AND because tomorrow happens to coincidentally (and by coincidentally, I mean an act from God specifically designed for me) be April Fools Day, I figure now is probably the time to pull the April Fools Day joke to tell the grandkids about.

My current idea is to manipulate her into falling for me again and explaining to her that I love her and want to be with her and work things out, followed quickly by a loud and thunderous APRIL FOOLS, and then ask her "too soon?" a bunch of times. I think it's funny because it'll show her how naive and dumb she is and make her feel like an idiot, plus it'll make me feel like a total BADASS. :p I'm open to suggestions though. What do you guys think?


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2010-03-31 19:00:03

Throw her this way when you're done with her, m'kay? :P


2010-04-01 11:22:15

Hilarious with the K.B edits xD


2010-04-01 14:53:08



2010-04-02 08:19:13

How did it go?


2010-04-22 07:17:43

XD nice one. click my account, a joke that sucked. 8p


2010-05-23 14:14:57

You're sexy because you like the Raiders. ;)


2010-06-08 19:51:11

i think you should put that shit on youtube bro