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Moving to Australia!

2010-10-13 08:24:36 by AJ

At least hopefully. I'm in the process of getting things set up right now. I'd like to get a work sponsorship because it's the best way to get set up securely after migrating there, but if that falls, I'm just gonna get a job lined up at a machine shop there with an Australian visa, sell my car to add to the money I've saved up, then head down. I'll buy a couple months rent at an apartment before I go so I'm set until I start getting regular paychecks. I haven't stumbled across anything yet that will stop me from doing this.

The big question I have for you guys right now is Sydney or Melbourne? I'm leaning more towards Sydney because it seems a lot more my style. Work hard and party hard. I've heard a lot of people say that people in Sydney are dicks and if it's really overrated, but I've also heard it's amazingly beautiful, there's friendly people everywhere, and the girls are awesome and because there are so many gay guys there, most of them are single. Melbourne has come off to me as a place I wouldn't enjoy my weekends, but more secure as far as jobs and quality of life. Anyone with an opinion on this, please feel free. And if you're one of my NG friends, you're always welcome on my news post comments. Haha.


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2010-10-24 18:45:17

Raiders Baby!

AJ responds:

DESTROYED the Broncos! I can't believe it. Haha.


2010-10-29 09:07:01

no one cares about that one?



2010-10-31 21:04:07

How 'bout 'dem Raiders? ;)

AJ responds:

Keep those wins coming baby! :)


2010-11-01 12:11:15

Isn't moving to Australia from the US just a bit much at one time!? o_0 I mean sure it's a great place for a vacation, but damn!

AJ responds:

I'm just a recklessly spontaneous person overall Coby. Google and the opinions of fellow newgrounders are enough for me to make massive commitments. The economy over there is nothing short of booming, so at the very worst, at least I'll have a lot of cool shit, and a plane ticket back to my parents house (worst case scenario) wouldn't be a huge deal. I've made just as big decisions with less info before. Haha.


2010-11-07 20:07:03

Ah, sweet victory!

AJ responds:

Didn't think we were gonna pull that one off! Wasn't pretty, but I'll fuckin take it. Haha. Hope the guys enjoy their bye week then come back ready for the Steelers. We smoked them last year.


2010-11-19 15:38:01

Go to Sydney mate

AJ responds:

Leanin towards it.


2010-11-20 22:11:05

isnt that the one big poofy tire guy???
your profilepic i mean(the small one)

AJ responds:

You mean the michelinman? Absolutely not.


2010-11-21 15:56:06

... SHIT

AJ responds:

Tell me about it. At least Seymour punched Roethlisberger in the face. That was nice. Haha. If we win against Miami I'm buying tickets for the season ender in KC. Really hoping the Chargers choke some more so that game will decide the division.


2010-11-29 01:47:21

No way! What makes it worse is that Kansas City and Sand Diego both destroyed. I'm really disappointed...

AJ responds:

It was a heartbreaker. And then Gradkowski blows out his shoulder on the last throw of the game. Reminded me way too much of the Raiders last year. I don't get how we do this every year. Get beat down by the NINERS of all teams, then go on a hot run destroying everyone. Now we're right back at the bottom again. Ugh. Last time we played the Chargers was a turnaround point. Lets hope we can get a big win this week and win 2 or 3 straight. Then we'll be right back in business.


2010-12-05 19:18:35

What a game! It seems like they do their best when facing teams in their own devision. Haha.

AJ responds:

I know right?! We've got the Jags and Broncos next. Should be 2 easy W's if we play the way we can. Then we're 8-6 and have tiebreakers on the Chargers. I'm REEALLY hoping that it comes down to week 17 where we're 9-6 and the Chiefs are 10-5, or we're 8-7 and the Chiefs are 9-6. Last game of the season is KC in KC. I'm getting tickets for that game if Oakland beat Jacksonville, and how sweet would it be if it was winner wins the division and goes to the playoffs, loser goes home? We already won the last game over the Chiefs, so if we win the second, we have the tiebreaker if we have the same record.


2010-12-06 01:58:26

Sydney, the coast there is a bit nicer I've heard. Also, what is your current address so I may send you a cookie? It's oatmeal raisin, so I don't want it anyway.


2010-12-12 19:24:25

We blew it adio. :(


2010-12-19 15:23:38

Let's destroy the Broncos again today. We got this!

AJ responds:

BAM! Still in playoff contention. We have to win the rest of our games, KC needs to lose next week, and San Diego needs to lose one more game. Not impossible.


2010-12-26 18:22:32

Kansas City won AGAIN. Damn...
I don't like the look of this game so far,but hopefully the Raiders can pull something off.


2011-01-02 15:17:38

Raiders are looking pretty good against Kansas City. They had a pretty good season and hopefully they end it 8-8.


2011-01-08 16:46:35

everything is censored or banned


2011-02-23 16:53:49

Well best of luck with your job find, and stuff.


2011-05-27 20:48:33

You got a name change man. I totally wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been showing my IRL friend how bad some of my original posts were. Well, pretty much the first thousand posts were awful.


2011-09-18 14:42:23

McFadden's a tank.


2012-07-14 18:40:58

For a moment I thought you were deleted Michelinman but then I realized you changed your username


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