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Pic is from my friends 21st birthday. Fucking party bus!

Alex Carrigan @AJ

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At least hopefully. I'm in the process of getting things set up right now. I'd like to get a work sponsorship because it's the best way to get set up securely after migrating there, but if that falls, I'm just gonna get a job lined up at a machine shop there with an Australian visa, sell my car to add to the money I've saved up, then head down. I'll buy a couple months rent at an apartment before I go so I'm set until I start getting regular paychecks. I haven't stumbled across anything yet that will stop me from doing this.

The big question I have for you guys right now is Sydney or Melbourne? I'm leaning more towards Sydney because it seems a lot more my style. Work hard and party hard. I've heard a lot of people say that people in Sydney are dicks and if it's really overrated, but I've also heard it's amazingly beautiful, there's friendly people everywhere, and the girls are awesome and because there are so many gay guys there, most of them are single. Melbourne has come off to me as a place I wouldn't enjoy my weekends, but more secure as far as jobs and quality of life. Anyone with an opinion on this, please feel free. And if you're one of my NG friends, you're always welcome on my news post comments. Haha.

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