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Beautiful. I watched for a long ass time. Absolutely amazing. You could've cropped the white off the dudes body a little better, but it's whatever. Also, you're gonna get BBS B&. For personal reasons.

Loved it.

It was a really interesting idea, and you did a really good job of portraying it. The ending was really cool. I agree that the filters and gradients made it look better. Maybe it's just because I have a fast connection, but this flash ran smoothly and it looked beautiful. I can see how it would be hard to portray this flash as the astronauts not being from earth without blowing the cover of the story. It worked out well though. Outstanding work. Congrats on Daily Feature.

Pretty damn good

I really liked your style of art. It's really unique and it mixed with the music really well. Good length as well. One thing you can do at your level is to start using a template or something for your caption bubbles instead of hand drawing them. That would have made this flash look expertly done. I liked the way the map was drawing itself in front of him. Really neat. Good work, and keep up that creativity you've got. NG is lacking in that department lately.

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The song

is Shine by Collective Soul. Also, game is favorited. Pure fucking amazing.

Really Glitchy

The art was well done, but you need to work on your coding. The zombies movements were very jerky. When you didn't have the crosshairs directly on top of the zombie, but when the bullet went through it, it didn't have an effect, and half the time, even if the crosshairs were directly on top, it still wouldn't do anything. The main thing was how quickly the zombies heads jerked back into place after you shot them. It was really hard to tell if you hit them or not.

The movement controls worked well and the art as I said was very good. Just work on your targeting and hitting set up.


Only thing I didn't like was that the split second that you click play game, it starts off quickly, so you have to rush to the arrow keys to play. Pretty annoying considering you die every five seconds. Other than that, it was well done, but really simple concept.

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Kinda trippy

But I think that's the vibe you were going for. :P It's too bad that there's the 45 second limit because it feels more like an intro than an actual song. It closed out right when it sounded like the song was going to kick in. The quality is really good, and the distortion effects sounded really cool and mixed well with the rest of the music. I personally didn't like the vocals because they sounded a little too fake. It mixed with the vibe well, but I still think it would have been better off as just the music though, other than the intro to the song.

It got a little too chaotic for my tastes near the end, but it didn't take away from the quality of the song. All in all, it was a really good job considering the time restrictions. Good work.

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SessileNomad responds:

fake vocals is sorta the point when i start glitching them, i could care less if they sound real

i actually didnt use any distortion effects, but i can see how one could think that i did

im glad you liked it enough for an 8, most ppl would hate it when the drums came in

thx for reviewing




merlin responds:

Really? Medical attention? I always would juice the blood out when that happened...



the singer was off and the fluctuated too much. hatebreed is really level and it flows with the music way better. it was like an emo scream instead of a heavy metal scream which is what the song is. not a fan.

Blackdoom13 responds:

Emo scream? What? I have no idea wtf your talking about. Hatebreed's "Screams" as you call them are nothing more than yelling quietly. I decided to do more of a death growl and death screams. They're not completely death growls but their kind of like it. Anyway your review dont make much sense so yeah.

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i believe you know why. 10s and 5s all around. haha.

Letiger responds:


SCOUT IT so we can give it 5

holy shit

when do we get issued that?!? haha. that's actually a pretty good picture though. how long did it take you?

TailsPrower responds:

It'll be out once I can finalize the designs and finish the standard angles. Then I'll remaster them on Paint because I'm unfamiliar with the more sophisticated programs. I really like this one so hopefully there won't be many more tweaks.

But don't hold your breath either lol :3

Thanks for the feedback!

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