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I miss Alaska

2009-11-08 16:51:10 by AJ

Especially Alyeska. The lower 48 sucks my ass.

I miss Alaska


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2009-11-10 00:20:34

Aw, shit, homesickness? Sorry man. :(

AJ responds:

Nothing serious. :P I just want to go snowboard already. NC keeps teasing me. Oh we're opening October 23rd.... NOT. Well now we're opening November 1st.... NOT. MAKE UP YOUR GODDAMN MINDS!!!!111!


2009-11-10 16:59:48

I thought you were just pronouncing "Alaska" in a funny way before I actually clicked the link.

AJ responds:

Lmao. When I first moved there, that was what I thought too. My friend was like you want to go to Alyeska?...... Aren't we already there? Good times. :P


2009-11-11 11:45:48

Yes, they do. Especially the lowest ones.

Also, remember when we were the same level? Good times.

AJ responds:

Words of wisdom. And yes I do. We were those level 11 razors together. :P I'm pissed about this whip. Thing looks gay. I want my chaaaains.


2009-11-12 16:35:57

When were you in Alaska?

AJ responds:

From January 08 til the start of this summer. The place is amazing dude. I'm planning on moving back there eventually.